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        HSJJ(Jinan HengSheng Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. ) is a large scale manufacturer located in Jinan city,Shandong province,China.
        The company has more than 300 staff, featuring abundant technical force, excellent manufacturing facilities and perfect detection method. The plant covers 255,000 square meters.
        Our registered brand is HSJJ. 

        We offer tower crane and cage lift from the year 2001. 

        Our main products are tower crane(with lifting capacity 4-16t),  elevator hoist /cage lift (both double cage and single cage with lifting capacity 1t and 2t per cage) as well as the  concrete machinery( concrete placing boom).

        We have a more than 15-year manufacture history.
        Our products have been exported to  more than 30 countries and areas.Our products passed CE certificate and our factory audited by SGS.
        HSJJ would like to build the future together with you .


        Be the best


        The products like natural stone, texture and exquisite texture, antifouling compression wear-resisting, decorative effect and beautiful grand, highlights the strong cultural taste and fashion temperament, and space to make products better integrated, achieve perfect harmony with the environment products.

        R & D advantage

        Huge R & D team to do support, and constantly develop excellent classic products. And combined with Italy, Spain and many other international ceramic technology companies, ceramic industrial design companies and other external forces, increase new products, new technology research and development efforts.

        Quality advantage

        Through the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, product quality is fully guaranteed. On the basis of comprehensive reference to international standards, the company relies on advanced modern production equipment and the persistent pursuit of product quality.

        Production advantage

        100 tons of aluminum ball mill, Italy "West system" roller engraving machine, and the construction of automatic control of roller kiln 438 meters long 16, 7200T automatic computer control system, the annual production capacity of more than 70 million square meters.

        Copyright ©Jinan Hengsheng Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd 2018 Www.20438.net

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