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        Sino German strength lesson

        By Yao Wenjiang and Europe's largest Chinese ceramic tile importer GmbH Alexander group director Robert Stenzel T.Trading joint venture. In the United States, Sweden, Holland, India, Hongkong, Italy has set up branch offices / and the establishment of international production, R & D team, New York product design studio, production equipment and product testing center of Italy.


        To win the professional products?

        Belongs to the modern minimalist style, suitable for all kinds of fashion, personality of commercial projects, both indoor and outdoor applications, such as curtain wall coverings, "2CM+1CM" only cell quartz brick can meet the personalized needs. It is the use of waste materials, renewable resources, is a non radiative green products.

        Leading the international forward design

        The world's first 2CM quartz brick, Italy product design concept follow the trend of the times and aesthetic taste, by the famous American designer Michael Golden led the research design, and relying on global resources, occupy the forefront of information and development advantages, continue to lead the international cutting-edge design trends.


        Six technical quality first?

        Has now formed the quality control of quartz brick proprietary technology, including 2 invention patent technology, 6 proprietary technology, 1 initiative technology. The production technology of synchronous international, execute stringent international quality standards, forging wego quartz brick, be the same outside and inside low water absorption and excellent quality high abrasion resistance.

        Global strategy three-dimensional promotion

        Realizing the strategy of sustainable development in the layout of globalization. After attending the Italy exhibition in Bologna, the United States Coverings, Dubai exhibition, Verona exhibition, trade fair and other domestic and International Ceramic Exhibition wind, three-dimensional communication strategy and the media publicity activities held a designer of combining online and offline, all-round, multi dimension deepen brand image.

        Deep channels occupy the market

        Dig the designer channel construction, organized by the national first-tier cities designer forum, master abundant designer resources. The rapid occupation of the global market, the product is widely used in Holland, Sweden, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Nanjing, Guizhou, Shanghai, Xiamen and other well-known buildings, the application of wego quartz brick to a new height.?

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